Dr. Robin Campbell, Ed.D, LMFT

  Robin's specialties include:
Marriage and couples counseling:
      Pre-marriage preparation
      Intimacy issues
      Getting over crises events

      Recovering the love you had
   Family issues:
     Children in trouble (cutting, drugs, school, associates)
   Individual problems:
     Depression, helplessness, fear, anger

   Robin is the founder and Director of Life With Hope, LLC.  She earned a Masters Degree from Norwich University and a Doctors Degree from Sarasota University (now Argosy University).  She has over fourteen years experience helping individuals, couples and families deal with problems in relationships and addictions. 


Robin says:

If you believe, as I do, that (apart from your relationship with your God) there is nothing more important than your family, this site is for you.

I simply believe that the fabric of the human society, as well as our own individual happiness and that of our children, depends on our families.  If you join me in that belief, then the welfare of our families must come first in all our considerations.

Of course there are many obstacles to face as committed couples and as parents.  Threats to our families and our relationships come both from within ourselves as well as from the world outside.  And the world outside with its values and distractions come into our homes through the television, recordings and from teachers and mentors outside the home.

Although it is difficult, I still believe it is possible for you to have a strong and healthy family and to raise children to be responsible, productive and happy adults.  Our mission is to help you to experience that for yourself.

As parents your must realize that the foundation of a healthy family is built on the relationship between you and your partner.  There must be love, mutual respect and honest communication before there can be harmony in the home.

Second, children must be valued, nurtured and guided by strong parents if they are to grow up to be healthy adults.  Boundaries must be set, expectations must be clear and discipline must be consistent.  Perhaps you wonder how this can be done.  After all, babies are not delivered with an instruction manual.  Most of us learned from our parents, and they may have been wrong. Or perhaps you did not have parents or parents who placed parenting at the top of their priorities, so you have been missing a role model for your own guidance.

In addition, sometimes children bring their own set of individual challenges as a result of birth trauma, disease or disabilities or from environment.  These challenges must be addressed in special, individual ways.

Fortunately, there are now treatments that have proven to be effective in a large percent of patients -- treatments that do not depend primarily on drugs. 

Our commitment to our patients is to bring all the resources of our training and experience to bear on the single objective -- that your family may be strong, and that you and your children are healthy of body, mind and spirit.


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