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 Getting Started in Counseling or Psychotherapy

Before Your First Session:

Get an appointment.  You can use the Contact Page in this web site to request an appointment.  Someone will contact you by phone within 24 hours (unless it is a weekend).  Or you can call the office at 727.600.8081.

When you click on the Enrollment Forms link at the bottom of this page, the enrollment forms will appear on your monitor..  Now, you have a choice:  You can (1) print out these pages, read them, sign them, OR (2) you can fill out the forms directly on your computer screen and  then print them.  Bring all 4 pages with you to your first scheduled session.  If you are unable to do this for any reason, please come to your first appointment about 15 minutes early to allow time to complete your enrollment pages.

If you plan to use insurance to pay for sessions, be sure to bring your insurance card to the first session.

You can download, review and print our Privacy Policy.

Your therapist associate will review and answer any questions about this paperwork or other matters.

If you have seen a counselor or psychiatrist within the last two years, we will need a telephone number to contact them.

It is very helpful for the therapy process if you bring a list of goals for therapy. This will help you and your therapist make better use of the first session.

Enrollment Forms for New Clients

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