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The members of our team are trained and experienced in a wide range of problems and issues that affect individuals, children, adolescents and families. 
Read the statements below and pick the counselor that seems like someone who can help you.  Then click on a face or on CONTACT US to start the process of getting the help you need.  


Marina Skane, M.A., LMFT
Marina's work with you will be based on your needs, your goals and your life.  She will work to help you feel better about yourself, more deeply connected and satisfied with your life.
She has had extensive experience working with people who battle depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, daily stress or with people who are getting through a rough patch in life.  She has a unique ability to  help people coping with changes in their lives that involve new surroundings, cultures, or life styles.  Her helping style is always determined by your own background and life experiences.
You will begin to feel better after only one or two sessions with Marina.
She is fluent and can conduct counseling in Russian as well as English.
(For more information about Marina, CLICK ON HER FACE)



Shawna Byrd, M.A., LMHC
Do you ever find yourself falling repeatedly into the same emotional or behavioral patterns?  Do these patterns keep you from achieving your goals?  Does it feel like you are sabotaging yourself?  Are you tired of feeling this way, or frustrated that you may never be able to accomplish what you desire in your life?

Shawna has helped many people like you.  She has the ability to help you identify and build the strengths you already have, and everyone has strengths!  Then she will help you use those strengths to achieve the results you want.  Some examples of issues she has successfully helped people overcome are: anxiety, anger, phobias, trauma from past experiences, depression, and addiction to drugs, alcohol or even food.  Other examples are loss of satisfying relationships or lack of satisfaction with your personal growth or career development.  She has achieved excellent results in helping clients with weight control and smoking cessation.  (For more information about Shawna, CLICK ON HER FACE)



Nicole Kratimenos, M.A., LMFT
If you are in trouble with the Department of Corrections or told off to get help with substance abuse or dual-diagnosis problems, Nicole can help.  She has many years experience working with the government agencies to help people who have gotten themselves in serious difficulties.  And, Nicole conducts counseling in Greek or Spanish as well as English. 
Or, maybe you have a child or teenager who looks as though he or she is headed for trouble.  Then, she can help even more.  Better to head off trouble with the law or school officials before something happens.
We don’t come into this world equipped with all the tools we need to live a productive, satisfying life.  Often, our growing up process fails to provide us with all that we need.  No point in blaming parents or school officials or whatever.  The simple answer is, if things in your life for you or someone you love aren’t working out as you would like, get help!  Nicole has the knowledge and the tools to start you in a new direction.  You deserve it. (For more information about Nicole, CLICK ON HER FACE)


Matt Welch, M.A., LMFT
Matt is best known for his energetic style and unconventional approach to therapy.  He can often be seen walking in the park with clients, throwing a ball, fishing, playing with Nerf guns, and occasionally even sitting and listening.  He has been working with children, teens, adults, couples, and families for over twenty years in a variety of settings.  Matt has worked as a guidance counselor, school principal, academic advisor, camp director, coach, and therapist.  He has conducted hundreds of workshops for parenting, leadership, teambuilding and educators all over the state of Florida.  He believes that we all have the power to make choices that will improve our lives immediately.  He encourages clients to focus on their own behavior and teaches valuable skills which may be utilized by clients as soon as they leave his office.  (For more information about Matt, CLICK ON HIS FACE



Suzette Casabianca, M.A., LMFT
If you need help in anger management or in need of Batterers Intervention, Suzette can help.  She is court approved in both Pinellas and Pasco counties and offers both individual and group therapy in these critical areas.
If the subject is counseling about marriage and the special problems that are sometimes experienced, then about Suzette you could say, “Been there.  Done that.” 
If your concern is a child with special needs, Suzette has over thirty years experience working with school systems and treatment centers in New York and Florida serving special needs children.
If you have a problem reestablishing trust after an affair, problems with impotence, promiscuity or long term illness, Suzette can help.
She has helped people with “coming out” issues and gay and lesbian issues.
Your problem is not unique.  Once you sit down with Suzette, you will feel like a load has been lifted.  With her characteristic good humor and kind acceptance, she will guide you toward a happier life.  (For more information about Suzette, CLICK ON HER FACE.)



Robin Campbell, M.A., Ed.D., LMFT
Can my marriage be saved?  Maybe.  Maybe not.
Maybe you have waited too long, the gashes are too deep, the time is past for healing.  If not, or if you just want help in deciding, Robin can be your guide.
What is going on?  Are your discussions just shouting matches, or is he/she giving you the silent treatment?  Do you disagree about everything from how to spend your money to how to raise your children?  It is time to act now before it is too late.
Robin will work with you together and separately to find places of agreement, common desires, areas where forgiveness is possible.  Then, she will guide you into the use of tools to lead you toward a common path to love and happiness.  (For more information about Robin, CLICK ON HER FACE.)



Jill Freeman, M.A., LMHC               
Jill provides therapy to individuals and couples.  Her passion is to help empower people to have peace of mind, wonderful relationships, and a stable sense of self-esteem.  She enjoys working with a broad range of issues with a focus both on healing hearts from childhood wounds as well as skills-development in order to enrich and heal relationships.  She has experiences in Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Addictions, family systems, sex therapy, Christian counseling and relationship-building for couples and families.
Whether working with individuals or with couples, Jill seeks to help every individual feel safe, valuable and in a trusted environment where goals can be met and growth can occur.  (For more information about Jill, CLICK ON HER FACE.)





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