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          OFFICE HOURS: 
Sunday, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Monday thru Thursday, 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Other hours by appointment.


1.  What is a counseling session like?  Do I lie on a couch and talk about my parents?
Answer:  No.  Only in the movies.  Itís about communication.  You sit in comfortable chairs and discuss the issues that are troubling you with a trained counselor. 
2.  Whatís the difference in therapy and counseling?
Answer:  Not much, really.  Therapy is the treatment of a disorder of some kind.  Counseling is a technique for identifying the nature of a troubling problem and coming to an agreement to cure it.  Our team of specialists blend the two.
3.  How long are the sessions?
Answer:  One hour will be set aside for your exclusive time with a counselor.  Typically, the hour with you will last about 45 minutes.  That gives the counselor time to record of the progress you have made and prepare for your next session.
4.  How many sessions will I need?
Answer:  Maybe three or four sessions.  Maybe many, many more.  It varies depending on the severity of the problem and how long you have suffered with it.  Something you suffered since you were a child canít be compared with an issue that just happened to you.  To begin, you might set aside four sessions.  After that, you and your therapist can see the improvement you have made and make an estimate as to how long you should plan to continue.
5.  What if I want to switch counselors?
Answer:  This rarely happens, but our counselors work as a team.  If your need is better suited to one of our other therapists, they are amenable to making that happen.  In fact, they might even suggest it.  That is one advantage of working with a team of specialists.
6.  Can my children or parents meet together with me and my counselor?
Answer:  Absolutely.  No doubt you are part of a unit we call a family.  What affects one, affects all.  Your counselor will, no doubt, suggest it.
7.  What is so special about a counselor-therapist?
Answer:  First, some special human qualities:  They are non-judgmental.  They are patient.  (Change takes time). Their personal rewards come from seeing their clients improve over time.  Second:  They have completed not less than three years of post-graduate work in their field in a university program and served as interns working under a trained supervisor for over 2000 counseling hours before they were licensed by the state as a therapist.  Our therapists have served many years since they were first licensed.  You might say, there is not much they havenít seen.



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