Mental health counseling or therapy is a partnership between the client with the mental health issue and the therapist. Both must do their part in order for therapy to be effective.

As your therapist, we will:

bulletperform such diagnostic procedures as necessary to determine the exact nature of your problem. Procedures will include a thorough inquiry into the symptoms, family history, past treatments, and present medications.
bulletdesign a treatment plan especially for you. This will include counseling and may include also, cognitive behavioral therapy, communication training, hypnotherapy or biofeedback as needed. Other members of your family may be involved in this plan for treatment. The plan will include a specific schedule of days and times for conducting the treatment.
bulletmake such referrals as necessary if we discover that your treatment requires help from a physician or other professional.

Your part in effective therapy includes:

bullet placing a high priority on attendance at every session scheduled for your treatment
bulletdoing the work that is prescribed between the sessions when we meet together.

You probably want to know how long treatment will take. No one can answer that question. It can take from only a few sessions to longer. The chances are that the issue that is bothering you has been developing over a long time and has now risen to the level that it has become intolerable for you. Such issues will not be resolved quickly. But the good news is, every issues can be resolved with patience and hard work.

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